WIP: Compatibility Issue: WP AI Muse Plugin Conflicts with FluentCRM"

I have downloaded and tried your WP AI Muse plugin, but after installation, I found that my FluentCRM plugin stopped working. Once I removed the WP AI Muse plugin, FluentCRM worked again. FluentCRM is a long-established and well-known CRM plugin used by many people. Installing your plugin caused FluentCRM to break, preventing me from collecting customer leads. Therefore, I had to stop using it.

I am providing this feedback to let you know about the issue. I hope you can resolve this problem. If it can be resolved, I would consider using your plugin and even purchasing it. However, since the installation caused FluentCRM to crash, I am currently unable to even test it. If you can fix this, please get back to me, and I will be willing to test it again.

thank you for the bug report. :heart:

we were able to replicate the issue and will release the fix on the next release. :+1::fire: