Open Beta, User Feedback, Free Premium šŸ’² - AI MUSE WordPress Plugin

Hello WordPress and AI Community,

Our plugin is live time to download and test it.

GPT-4 & GPT-3.5, Gemini, LLAMA, Mixtral, Mistral, Claude 3

If you want to join our Open Beta and want 1 year free premium license :heavy_dollar_sign:

just say hello under this topic :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: we will send your license key.

click activate license and enter your key


In return, we just need your feedback, bugs, and ideas. :pray:
Let us make this plugin better together.

Please create your topics under these categories :point_down: for bugs or feedback

Bugs: Bugs - Community | WP AI Muse, WordPress AI Plugin

Feedback: Feedback / Ideas - Community | WP AI Muse, WordPress AI Plugin

Welcome to the Community :sparkling_heart:

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Hello and hey Sinan, got your tweet, and just saying hi!

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Hello from Unofficial Bricks Builder Discord server. :nerd_face:

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@LayerWP @webniko

welcome welcome :heart:

licenses sent :rocket:

Well hello there! :wave:Certainly seems like an interesting plugin that I would like to try

Hello :raised_hands: Iā€™m getting excited about the plugin.

licenses are sent
@AquamarineHoshino @herombenim

Another hi from the Bricks discord. Would like to check it out as well.

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Welcome @Momfer
License sent.

Hello there! Would love to try this out and happy to give feedback. Thanks

Welcome :fire: @Stef

License sent.

hello, wanna try this plugin :heart_eyes:


License sent.

:wave: hello. An AI Muse where I need it. :innocent:

Welcome Leo,

License sent.

I am interested.


license sent.